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Recently, I arrived to an inspection in High Point to find that the residence was broken into and vandalized. As a former law enforcement officer, I often find myself thinking about the security of a residence while performing a home inspection. I have seen numerous homes broken into in my time, as well as home invasions. Both are horrendous events for the victim, but home invasions are probably the most terrifying. I am sorry to say that if someone wants in your home bad enough there is little you can do stop them. Luckily, most criminals are opportunistic and look for easy targets. Below I have compiled a list of tips to protect your home. These tips will make your home less desirable to criminals.

High Point Home Inspection Tips Burglar Picture


  • Doors should be made of steel or solid wood.
  • Doors should have quality dead bolt locks.
  • Install a peep-hole slot.
  • Lights should be installed on all four exterior corners of the residence.
  • When you are not at home, leave a few lights on.
  • Shrubs and trees should be kept trim. Burglars use them for cover to hide.
  • Leave a TV or Radio on when not at home.
  • Dogs are excellent burglar deterrents.
  • Beware of dog signs and security system signs are also deterrents.
  • Alarm systems can be effective, but I never caught a burglar because of one.
High Point Home Protected with chains.

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