High Point

High Point was located at the highest point between Charlotte and Goldsboro. Hence the name of the city, High Point. Its central location and transportation allowed for the delivery of raw materials like cotton and lumber and processed goods in and out of the city and contributed to its early growth. High Point was incorportated in 1859. Before it became a major manufacturing center, the most important industries were tobacco, woodworking and textiles. The first of many High Point furniture factories was opened in the late 1800's.

High Point's conception is not solely linked to manufacturing; it is also tied to religious freedom beginning as early as the mid-eighteenth century as a refuge for Pennsylvania Quakers who came to the region in search of affordable land, good climate, and an opportunity to create a principled and ordered community. Members of the Society of Friends held beliefs that many considered heresy in the late eighteenth century. Central to these core convictions were values of community and equality that led to the development of specialized trades and early educational systems that were the foundations for the future growth of the region.

The city has always been forward looking in its prospects. City historians such as J. J. Farriss, Stephen C. Clark, Frank Sizemore, and Holt McPherson have proudly documented the city’s past as if writing a user’s guide for building a model city. Memorialized in numerous successful businesses and family fortunes, this ambition also is recorded in the city’s architecture.

The climate in High Point is temperate, with four seasons. Summers tend to be hot and sometimes humid, with the dewpoints rising to the upper 60s and low 70s during July and August. Fall and spring are mild. Winters are cold, but only a few days every winter does the temperature drop below 41 degrees. Rainfall patterns are generally spread evenly throughout the year, with between six and nine wet days per month. Snowfall is unpredictable, with some winters experiencing little and others characterized by occasional snowstorms.

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